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A new play about old movies, three-martini lunches, and what happens when the party's over


"TINY BUBBLES is a sheer joy that also packs an emotional wallop.  The subject is alcoholism, but the play (as with all great plays) is ultimately about how we should lead our lives and is therefore timeless."  -- The Public Theater New Work Now! festival


TINY BUBBLES is a snap crackle pop piece that also examines the delusions and illusions we keep in order to function, the difficulty of altering personal behavior, and the challenge confronted by actual change." -- Best New American Play, Firehouse Theatre Project


Tiny Bubbles

by Richard Willett

Directed by Eliza Beckwith


"However, the play also speaks to the fracturing of this country into the red-state/blue-state America of easy and unquestioned extremes -- and is therefore incredibly timely." -- The Public Theater New Work Now! festival

Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays at 8 until August 13, 2012

Medicine Show Theatre, 549 W. 52nd, NYC

Tickets on sale at SmartTix 212-868-4444 www.smarttix.com

Production Photographer: Richard Termine