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“A tempestuous love story between a disaffected disabled performer and a neurotic pediatrician, The Flid Show is funny, harrowing, and brave. Mat Fraser’s performance provides physical evidence of both thalidomide’s ravages, and the million intangibles -- such as talent and humanity -- that the drug never damaged.” -- Time Out New York

“Absorbing and often poignant. Gains an unsettling topicality. Mat Fraser is seasoned and charismatic.” -- Charles Isherwood, New York Times

The Flid Show is not merely a history lesson; it is also a love story between Duncan and Rachel, a self-aware doctor from the States who lets down her guard enough to not only hold Duncan but be held by him.” -- Antoinette Nwandu, offoffonline.com

“An unusual and moving play. The romantic scenes are beautiful to behold. Mat Fraser gives a terrific, illuminating and emotionally powerful performance.” -- William Wolf, WolfEntertainmentGuide.com

“Fabulous. Breathtaking. In the powerful scene that ensues from Duncan's girlfriend showing him a bottle of thalidomide, the combination of Mat Fraser’s performance and Richard Willett’s brilliant writing makes for a shattering theatrical moment. Could make a stone weep.” -- The Siegel Column, TheaterMania

“An unforgettable experience. The Flid Show weaves a beautiful tapestry of theatrical conventions in a two-hour journey through history, tragedy, and one man’s life. The cast is an outstanding ensemble led by the charming and charismatic Mat Fraser in the role of his lifetime.” -- Richard Hinojosa, nytheatre.com

“Writer Richard Willett has struck a universal sensitivity with this story and coupled it with vital medical history. Mat Fraser’s ability to give the audience a window into the struggle that afflicts both his and his character’s life is complex and pure.” -- Amanda Cooper, Curtain Up

“A wonderful work -- strong, challenging, tough, funny and very moving, and there are very few plays you can honestly apply any of those words to these days.” -- David Noh, New York Blade

“There is a crackling chemistry between the lovers, and the play proves an inspirational message of hope for the human condition and what ails it. The Flid Show is blessed by the rare chance of finding a highly talented actor who is also a short-limbed thalidomide person. Playwright Richard Willett did not write the play with this intention. Some things were just meant to be.” -- Sam Oglesby, TheaterScene.net