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“These are tough times for drinkers, and Richard Willett's TINY BUBBLES cares! A likable play in which Jay Alvarez is congenial and funny and Amy Staats is sympathetic and believable. The premise is a winner.”—Anita Gates, New York Times


“Take one part codependent friendship, one part two-fisted drinking habit and stir. Now shake things up by adding a liberal pinch of sobriety to the mix, and you have the makings of a sassy little cocktail called TINY BUBBLES.”—Scott Stiffler, Edge New York City


“Strong performances and witty dialogue, and an interesting comment on our relationship with the past. Alvarez imbues his lines with a zany precision, and there's a palpable sadness that's felt as he recalls lines from films with more passion than anything from his own life.”—Chris Kompanek, Theatermania.com


“TINY BUBBLES is a snap crackle pop piece that also examines the delusions and illusions we keep in order to function, the difficulty of altering personal behavior, and the challenge confronted by actual change. You’ll either want a martini as soon as possible, or not ever again!”—Harry Kollatz, The Blue Raccoon


“Jay Alvarez as Danny is giving a performance that is at once so comic, so brave, so overwrought, so heartbreaking it’s a memory brander. Amy Staats conveys her own realness unstintingly, brilliantly as the yearning, dimwit drunk girl in the bar. It’s hard not to see that a commercial production of TINY BUBBLES could do wonders. The play is worth it.”—Eugene Paul, Theatrescene.net


“Recommended! The two lead characters happen to be gay but their sexuality is almost incidental. The play is about the impact of change on a relationship and also about the sort of ‘truth or illusion/WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?’ thing. With nary a misstep, it kept me awake and engaged.”—Tony Adams, Queer New York


“A fine play, and in this production, well acted. When I left the theater I thought the play was much simpler than I realized after giving it analysis and thought.”—Gene Kilik, Town & Village


“TINY BUBBLES is a sheer joy that also packs an emotional wallop. The subject is alcoholism, but the play (as with all great plays) is ultimately about how we should lead our lives and is therefore timeless.”—The Public Theater (where the play was twice a finalist for the New Work Now! festival)


       Production Photographer: Richard Termine